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Mời quý khách hàng xem video quảng cáo và ảnh chi tiết sản phẩm tại phần Media và Thư viện ảnh.

Sản phẩm độc đáo,  vững chắc, bộ phận máy hoạt động làm bằng thép, gang và đặc biệt sử dụng bê tông thép hydro - hydro concrete. Thiết kế bền vững tốt hơn nhằm đảm bảo chất lượng hàng đầu, thời gian hoạt động lâu dài và thiết lập chính xác vị trí hoạt động từng giai đoạn.

Thông số kỹ thuật Máy dán cạnh Miniprof:

Điện áp:                                  400 V/50 Hz

Công suất điện:                    2,2 kW

Tổng trọng lượng:                 540 kg

Áp suất không khí:                6 bar

Tốc độ quay:                           6,5 m / min.

Độ dày của mảnh dán:        12 - 60 mm

Tỷ lệ chaff veneer:                 0,5 - 2 mm / 40 mm

Tỷ lệ chaff ABS, PVC:            0,5 - 2 mm / 65 mm

Tỷ lệ chaff ABS, PVC:            3 mm / 40 mm

Chiều dài máy:                      2300 mm

Chiều rộng máy:                    700 mm

Chiều cao máy:                     1300 mm

Độ cao feeder:                       1800 mm

Chiều rộng tối thiểu mảnh gỗ dán: 100 mm

Chiều dài tối thiểu mảnh gỗ dán:    120 mm



An unique, extremely solid machine construction made of steel, cast-iron and specially developed hydro concrete. Much higher solidity of the construction guarantees top quality, long life and accuracy of setting of work position of all aggregates.

Edge banding machine Miniprof Automatic

Technical data

Voltage                                       400 V/50 Hz

Total input                                   2,2 kW

Total weight                                 540 kg

Air pressure                                 6 bar

Feeding speed                              6,5 m/min.

Thickness of the work piece         12 – 60 mm

Proportions chaff veneer              0,5 – 2 mm / 40 mm

Proportions chaff ABS, PVC       0,5 – 2 mm / 65 mm

Proportions chaff ABS, PVC       3 mm / 40 mm

Length                                         2300 mm

Depth                                          700 mm

Height                                          1300 mm

Altitude with feeder                      1800 mm

Minimal width of the work piece   100 mm

Minimal length of the work piece   120 mm

Trimming without compromises. The trimming tool is fitted with HM inserts which enable to choose a radius or 45°. Within a couple of seconds a customer is able to set trimming of facet of 45° with thin bands or radius with thicker bands thanks to revolver setting of the trimming aggregates.

Thanks to our customers we have been aware of the fact that they do not like too complicated things. Therefore, the control panel is very well arranged and easy to handle.

The machine is equipped with vertical band feeder. This system will save the space at the customer´s workshop and he can also have more kinds of bands in the feeder and promptly change the band while edge-banding.

Design of the working parts of the machine is a result of 15-year cooperation of our customers with technical designers and production staff. The machine is equipped with an innovated applying unit, zone for band leading, rough end trimming of the band from the roll, pressing zone, precise end trimming, well-proven trimming aggregates with revolver setting of the positions and improved flat scraper planes.

Wide feeding belt is a revolutionary solution with the edge-banding machines and it guarantees stable leading of the work piece.

Detailed view of the construction of the revolver setting of the trimming aggregates. Currently this system can be considered the fastest and the most simple setting system. Our customers have been very satisfied with it for many years.

Zone of pressing rollers and precise end trimming. The precise end trimming is enabled by rocking shears. This system makes our customers satisfied for many years again.

The machine is also equipped with spraying of trimming knives, trimming knives are better protected against pollution of hot-melt adhesive. This function is automatically controlled by a PLC unit.


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